Housing in the middle of the beautiful High Coast


With our cabins as a starting point, you are close almost every sights in the High Coast. No matter if you want to have a breathtaking adventure, experience the amazing nature or just take short daily trips we’ll guarantee that there is something for you. The list below is in no way complete. We’re just sharing our own favourite sights and activities! For a more complete list, take a look at Göra i Nordingrå (in Swedish).

Genuine High Coast Environment

If you want to experience Nordingrå and the High Coast from it’s very best side, then you should visit one of the many fishing villages. Or why not all of them? Take a walk on the red rapakivi granite, have refreshments on a rock face or in one of the cozy restaurants. Take a day and just enjoy…


Världsarsvleden is 100k long and spans through Nordingrå parish. Take a hike on it and stay for a night of resting in Omne!

Högakustenleden extends between Hornöberget by the Ångermanälvens outlet and Varvsberget in Örnsköldsvik, a distance of 127 km divided in 13 sections. With Lappudden as a base, it is possible to hike south to Noraström and north to Ullånger.

Sport activities


Finding somewhere to take a swim in Nordingrå is not difficult at all. The sea and the many lakes attracts a lot of visitors during hot summer days. Below is a list of our favourite places.

  • Omne (lake)
  • Storsand (sea)
  • Barsta (sea)
  • Bönhamn (sea)
  • Norrfällsviken (sea and pool)
  • Bredviken (sea)
  • Själandssjön (lake)
  • Edsätter (sea)
  • Lappudden (lake)

Nature reserves The High Coast is a big eldorado for people that enjoys the nature and we highly recommend visiting one of our nature reserves.

  • Omneberget
  • Halsviksravinen
  • Högbonden
  • Norrfällsviken
  • Rotsidan
  • Storsand
  • Villmyran

Culture and history

The amazing Mannaminne in Häggvik is something you can not miss. It is a living heritage!

Nordingrås church ruin and stables is located next to Nordingrå church which is centrally located at Vallen.

Nordingrå folk museum is a must for the history buffs. It is located on the hill above ICA (grocery store) at Nordingråvallen.

Mjällomsvikens Motormuseum. One of northen Swedens biggest collection of old engines, with rarities from beginning of the 19th century until the middle of the 20th century.


If you still don’t know how to spend your days in the High Cost, contact us and we might be able to help you out!